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Hixon Dance Moves in a Different Way


Rebecca Tien
Clintonville Spotlight
April, 2022


Dancers' animal movements enliven 'Peter & the Wolf'


Peter Tonguette
Columbus Dispatch
September, 2019

Peter and the Wolf original modern dance

Hixon dancers hope to involve audience in McConnell Arts Center show


Olivier Minnier
This Week News Worthington

Oct, 2018

Hixon Dance presents audience interactive performance in gallery space

Arts Preview: False Prophets


Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive!
April, 2018

Hixon Dance - False Prophets Dress Rehearsal  -  377.jpg

Arts Preview: Hixon Dance 10th Anniversary


Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive!
November, 2017

Hixon Dance - Dress Rehearsal - 177 - Web.jpg

Foot Notes: Airs and Dances II


Jay Weitz
Columbus Alive!
April, 2010

Hixon Dance in Welspryng, with original music by Jacob Reed

Program Showcases Strong Choreography


Barbara Zuck
The Columbus Dispatch
Oct. 26, 2008

"Strongest on the first half [of the concert] was Sarah Hixon's Savoir Faire. This athletic solo was performed skillfully by Jeff Fouch, who moved as if he was dancing his private thoughts: it would be welcome at two or three times its current length -- it's that enjoyable."

Jeff Fouch of Hixon Dance performing acclaimed solo dance by Sarah Hixon

Columbus Dance Theatre Summons Spring


Barbara Zuck
The Columbus Dispatch
March 29, 2008

"Sarah Hixon is having fun in her mock-tormented Within the Interstice. With the Moonlight Sonata on what sounds like a toy piano, all is not right in Hixon's cuckoo's nest, and the dancers' ultimate response to the weight of the world is -- the fetal position."

Hixon Dance performs "Within the Interstice"

Year in Review


Jay Weitz
The Columbus Alive!
December, 2007

Sarah Hixon's choreography was listed as "highlights of the dance season" for 2005 and 2007. Works included "The Dispossessed" and "Transcendent Unknown."

Sarah Hixon's stunning choreography

Columbus Movement Movement Review

Barbara Zuck
The Columbus Dispatch
October, 2007

"The five dancers in Sarah Hixon's My Heart's in the Highlands moved slowly but gracefully through simple steps. The music by Part manifested the quiet spirituality so much associated with his work, and that was clearly reflected in the reverent movement vocabulary."

Sarah Hixon's choreography for "My Heart's in the Highlands"
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