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What our dance family is saying


"Best children’s dance class in town. Rachael is so great with kids - she meets them where they are and doesn’t impose expectations like most dance schools in the area. She encourages organic love of movement for movement’s sake."


"I LOVE my Tuesday evenings! Broadway Basics is fun and great exercise for everyone--even a beginner like me who is 65+."


"My children are always in great spirits and ready to accomplish much after their dance classes. It’s a huge asset to my family."


"I really liked Alicia’s devotion and presentation. Good class!"


"What you're doing is amazing! It is nice to have somebody to sing with, to dance with, to be an embodied like-minded soul with for an hour. I'm appreciative of this dance company's ability to think outside the box. Much gratitude!"


"I loved Dancing Mindfulness, and now I am enjoying Broadway Basics. Great teachers for both classes-- so skilled and enthusiastic!"


"Class is engaging and my child is so positive, he looks forward to sessions and seems to be getting more comfortable with expressive movement."


"We love the sense of community--my daughter loved hearing from the other kids, too."