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About the Company


Hixon Dance inspires audiences, empowers communities through movement, and elevates the field of dance in Columbus, Ohio.


Hixon Dance creates evocative works of modern dance for stage and film. We offer classes for the community to engage them in the act of creating, and collaborate with other artists and mediums in the generation of new work. Our goals include:

  • creating and presenting new dance works for the public

  • engage various community groups in educational and outreach initiatives, empowering them to create in a body positive environment

  • develop and inspire new audiences for modern dance

  • foster the growth and development of local dance artists

  • enhance and enrich the performing art offerings in the central Ohio area and beyond


Hixon Dance is a modern dance performing ensemble founded in 2007 by Sarah Hixon.  The company is active in the performing arts community throughout central Ohio and beyond.

Hixon Dance regularly collaborates with other artists—especially musicians—and experts in other fields to inspire, create, and produce new work.  The company is known for presenting impactful and finely crafted works that are accessible to audiences with a strong commitment to a multidisciplinary creative process. Past collaborators include The Columbus Symphony Orchestra, The Movement ProjectThe Columbus Ohio Discovery Ensemble, Opera Project Columbus, The Worthington Chamber Orchestra, Groundshare Arts Alliance, Shove Gently Dance, and others. They have recently worked with composers Jacob Reed, Lauren Spavelko, Michael Rene Torres, award-winning poet Maggie Smith, dramaturg Chris Leyva, and astrophysicist Dr. Gregory Mack.

Over the years, Hixon Dance has been a mainstay of the independent dance community, participating in a wide array of community-centered performances including the Columbus Dances series, GCAC's New Choreography Project, Columbus Summer Dance Festival hosted by The Ohio State University, the Dance Compassion Project, Vox Novus, OhioDance Festival, Ten Tiny Dances, the Cleveland Dance Festival, and others.

Education and outreach are a central component of the company’s mission, and we strongly believe that the performing arts enrich our community. Hixon Dance offers residencies, assemblies, interactive performances, and more for a wide range of educational institutions including K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. They provide educational outreach to the Wexner Center for the Arts, Worthington City Schools, Upper Arlington City Schools, The Wellington School, CATCO is Kids, All People's Youth Development programs, and others. 


Hixon Dance has received funding from The Greater Columbus Arts Council, The Ohio Arts Council, The Columbus Foundation, The Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, Arts Midwest, Puffin Foundation West, the Johnstone Fund for New Music, and from other grants and individual donors. You can find them featured in The Columbus Dispatch, The Columbus Underground, The Columbus Alive!,  LifeLine Columbus, and other publications.




"I saw your large choreographic work on Thursday night and was very impressed with the way you pulled it together in a very thoughtful and considered way.  I found the work very powerful, and was especially pleased with how the dance and the music complimented each other.... Congratulations!"

Hixon Dance - Dress Rehearsal - 117 - We


"Your piece was amazing!  It was so beautifully musical, the lighting was ingenious, and the choreography was stunning.  I truly feel like it is a masterpiece, and I would feel bad if I didn't let you know.  I don't often see dances that make such an impact on me, but boy did yours.  It was just so smart!!! I can't say it enough!  Your piece was memorable and impactful.  It was thoughtful without being pretentious. ... It was visually stunning and forced the audience to feel the darkness...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for making that dance! I feel good knowing that your piece exists in the world.  It makes me happy!!"

Hixon Dance - Dress Rehearsal - 186 - We

A. J.

"By the end of your dance I was in love. I loved the gorgeous original movement. I loved the realness of the gestures. I loved the beautiful standing movements and ensemble work. This is truly a work of art -- beautifully crafted, performed, and presented...Kudos to the choreographer!"



I got to see the performance last night and was very pleased to see your new work.  I was especially interested in the plastiques you created with your group and their subsequent developments; also your  use of gesture, particularly in the last part when they all were facing front, was very effective and drove the intent "home."  I thought the dancers were very well directed."

Film Shoot 58-(ZF-4709-05519-1-018).jpg


"This is a compelling dance--you really create a character that I want to know more about. The performer had a strong presence and amazing focus... It is so powerful when he connects with the audience."

2017-11-09 19.22.27.png


"Your piece was musically interesting and diverse. I really enjoyed the unique innovative movement, especially the gestures. Great piece!"

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