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Local Dance Studios Hold Virtual Classes

An excerpt from an article by Jennifer Hambrick August 25, 2020

While BalletMet Academy will offer all of its classes during the 2020-21 season with in-person, all-virtual and hybrid options, Worthington-based Hixon Dance has taken all of its class offerings online.

Hixon Dance Founder and Artistic Director Sarah Hixon says the move to all-virtual classes is intended to eliminate safety concerns and prevent class schedule disruptions amid the pandemic.

“We felt like we know we can do this, and we can invest in this platform, so let’s just do that and have something consistent that can keep students and teachers safe,” said Hixon.

Hixon Dance is offering real-time and pre-recorded dance and movement classes for all age groups and skill levels. The studio is also building a library of on-demand classes that students will be able to access on Vimeo this fall.

“It is not the same as doing it in person in the studio for lots of reasons, but it is certainly better than not doing it at all.” Hixon said.

The Hixon Dance professional company rehearses virtually through Zoom. COURTESY OF HIXON DANCE

Hixon has also been leading rehearsals for the Hixon Dance professional company entirely online. The Columbus Modern Dance Company (CoMo) has pursued this option through Google Meet.

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