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Columbus Makes Art Presents Camryn Nease, Hixon Dance’s Newest Member

Artistic director of Hixon Dance Sarah Hixon sat down with their newest company member, Camryn Nease. Nease holds a BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University, and has worked with Edward Taketa, Crystal Michelle Perkins, and Gamal Brown. She’ll perform in City Dance Showcase IV, Nov. 11-13 at Columbus Dance Theatre.

Sarah: Can you tell us about what it is like to start a professional career in dance in Columbus? How long have you been working with Hixon Dance?

Camryn: Starting a professional dance career in Columbus has been a delight. For a long time I thought I would have to move to Los Angeles or New York to have a “successful” dance career. However, after I graduated with a dance degree from The Ohio State University, my eyes were opened to all of the incredible opportunities right here in Columbus. I’ve lived here my whole life and being able to establish myself professionally and still be surrounded by friends and family has been incredible! This is my first season working with Hixon Dance, but I certainly do not see it being my last.

Sarah: As an artist, what do you find fulfilling so far about working with the Hixon Dance company?

Camryn: Working with Hixon Dance has been so fulfilling because we are a group of such like-minded and kind-hearted individuals. We all love to share in the art of being humans and dancers. Not only am I given the space to move freely and be challenged, but I am also cultivating lifelong friendships with the other dancers and leadership in the company. Hixon Dance is also fulfilling for me because we perform a wide variety of movement styles, allowing me to tap into so many different artistic intentions and qualities.

Sarah: The company just completed a performance of Peter & The Wolf with the Worthington Chamber Orchestra. What was your favorite part of the experience?

Camryn: My favorite part of the experience of Peter & The Wolf was being able to learn many different parts in the show. As a precaution, many of the company members learned multiple parts within the show so we could step in if needed. I learned almost all of the roles! It was fun to switch between characters in the show and challenge myself as a performer. The show was also geared toward children which made it incredibly fun to perform. I was able to be goofy on stage with my character, and then interact with lots of children after the show.

Sarah: Tell us about your upcoming performance in City Dance Showcase IV happening in November.

Camryn: I’m so excited to be a part of City Dance this year. I have the privilege of dancing a work created by Alicia Hann, tapping into a personal story of hers that I am honored to portray. It’s a full circle moment because Alicia was a teacher of mine when I was younger and now we are working together as professionals and friends. Sharing this work will be magical!

Sarah: What else are you looking forward to this season with the company?

Camryn: I am looking forward to all of the opportunities I have to perform and travel. We will be doing a lot of collaboration with companies in Cleveland, allowing us to create across the state. I also look forward to meeting artists and dancers in the overall Ohio dance scene and beyond. Finally, I am looking forward to building relationships with my fellow company members through rehearsals and classes, the process has been very enjoyable.

Sarah: What is something you want readers to know about you?

Camryn: Along with performing, I also love teaching dance. Getting to share my passion with dancers coming up in the field is magical to me. Additionally, I’m working on becoming a fitness instructor to support my artistry and my teaching. I love helping people feel amazing through movement.

See Camryn in City Dance Showcase IV, Nov. 11-12 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 13 at 3 p.m. at Columbus Dance Theatre. Tickets available at


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