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Zoom Information

  • Go to the Zoom Website and create an account if you don’t already have one. The free tier is all that’s necessary for our classes.
  • Download app on preferred device. We recommend a computer or laptop because this will give you better audio/video quality compared to a tablet or phone.
  • Explore Zoom and basic functions.
On the Zoom website head to "Your Account" in the top-right to manage your profile. Here you can change details under the "Profile" tab such as your name, picture, default meeting ID, password and time zone. Please update your name to your preferred name and initial of your last name. If you wish to, please include your preferred pronouns (e.g. Jenny S (she/her/hers).
Head to your Zoom application and select “Settings” in the top right corner. A new screen will appear with boxes lined at the top. If this is not an option the Zoom Icon will be at the top of your screen on your home bar. Click the icon and then select preferences for both audio and video settings.
Select Audio
  • Enable ‘Always mute microphone when joining meeting’
  • Then select “Advanced Settings”- in bottom right corner (depending on version this may not be an option)
  • Disable first two choices under “Audio Processing”
  • Select “Suppress Persistent Background Noise”
  • Select “Suppress Intermittent Background Noise”
Select Video
  • Enable ‘mirror effect’- this will only affect how you see your screen, not others.
Best Practices for Our Classes
  • Double-check meeting default settings
  • Mute your microphone unless teachers specify not to
  • Position your webcam properly and avoid backlighting
  • For best results, use the app and not a browser
  • Use a stable/wired connection and close any unnecessary apps
  • Join meetings in quiet areas
  • Use computer audio
Two fundamental options can be found in the bottom-left part of the black menu tab: the option to mute/unmute your microphone and either start/stop your camera. For classes we will ask you to mute your microphone. If you have questions, feel free to unmute the microphone or use the chat feature. There may also be times when teachers may ask you to unmute to chat and ask questions. We highly recommend that you participate with your video on, but if you prefer to have it off that is allowed.
Speaker and Gallery View
At the top right, you can pick one of two view options, which only impacts how you view a meeting, and not others. There is “Gallery View”which brings in every participant onto one screen in a grid. There is also “Speaker View” which displays a large view of the person speaking. The majority of the time you will probably want to use “Speaker View” to get a large and clear view of the teacher.
How to Pin
When in an active class meeting, hover over the video of the participant you want to pin and click. From the drop down menu select pin video.
How to Remove Non Video Participants
During class we may want to split participants up into groups allowing us to watch each other dance. When it's your time to observe, you will turn off your camera, go to any person whose camera is disabled, and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the box. At the bottom of this will be an option to “remove all non video participants,” please click this. In order to return back to class, click “start video."
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