What our audiences are saying


"I saw your large choreographic work on Thursday night and was very impressed with the way you pulled it together in a very thoughtful and considered way.  I found the work very powerful, and was especially pleased with how the dance and the music complimented each other.... Congratulations!"

~ V. B.


"Your piece was amazing!  It was so beautifully musical, the lighting was ingenious, and the choreography was stunning.  I truly feel like it is a masterpiece, and I would feel bad if I didn't let you know.  I don't often see dances that make such an impact on me, but boy did yours.  It was just so smart!!! I can't say it enough!  Your piece was memorable and impactful.  It was thoughtful without being pretentious. ... It was visually stunning and forced the audience to feel the darkness...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for making that dance! I feel good knowing that your piece exists in the world.  It makes me happy!!"

~ A. K.


"This is a compelling dance--you really create a character that I want to know more about. The performer had a strong presence and amazing focus... It is so powerful when he connects with the audience."

~ M. D.


"Your piece was musically interesting and diverse. I really enjoyed the unique innovative movement, especially the gestures. Great piece!"

~ J. D.


"By the end of your dance I was in love. I loved the gorgeous original movement. I loved the realness of the gestures. I loved the beautiful standing movements and ensemble work. This is truly a work of art -- beautifully crafted, performed, and presented...Kudos to the choreographer!"

~ A. J.

"I got to see the performance last night and was very pleased to see your new work.  I was especially interested in the plastiques you created with your group and their subsequent developments; also your  use of gesture, particularly in the last part when they all were facing front, was very effective and drove the intent "home."  I thought the dancers were very well directed."

~ V. B.