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More than just dance.


Our community programs engage you as a whole person. We work on building creativity and discovering each dancer’s unique expression. Our classes cultivate inclusive community, nurture body-positivity while developing sound physical technique, and foster a growth-mindset and self-efficacy.


Our educational values:

  • Building Creativity

  • Inclusive Community

  • Body-Positivity

  • Healthy Technique

  • Growth-Mindset


Building Creativity

Our classes provide ample opportunity for you to develop your own unique expression. Our teachers facilitate dancers’ artistic development by sharing artistic decision-making with them (as appropriate to age, ability, and developmental stage). Many of our classes include hands-on learning about dance-making and choreography through collaborative problem-solving. In our classes, you won’t just copy teacher-demonstrated exercises; you will engage your imagination as you explore your own movement choices and develop dance ideas.


Inclusive Community

We believe dance is for every body, and everyone brings unique perspectives into the the studio to share. Our studio space is an inclusive community of mutual respect, where teachers and dancers practice respectful touch, respectful language, and respectful listening. Our teachers ask before giving dancers touch cues, and dancers and teachers contact each other gently and kindly when we use partnering. We emphasize constructive feedback, strive to be receptive to others’ ideas, and see our mistakes as opportunities for growth. We focus on cooperative learning and dance-making rather than on competition. We practice intersectional awareness in selecting and developing our thematic content, especially when it comes to gender and race/ethnicity. We opt for gender-inclusive themes and movement where everyone explores a wide range of dynamics, actions, and expressive personas. We acknowledge and teach about the social-historical contexts of dance styles, choreographers, and dancers we learn about, and actively seek to represent historically marginalized voices in the artists we choose to highlight.


Body-Positivity and Healthy Technique

Every body can dance! Our curriculum is based in creative movement, modern/contemporary dance, and somatic practices. This allows us to teach with movement principals and anatomical functionality, rather than external shapes or codified forms. We understand that every body is unique, and we approach dance technique as a process of personal physical discovery. We use developmentally appropriate movement in our youth classes, and provide differentiated instruction to our adult dancers via options and modifications to meet everyone where they are. Our pedagogy focuses on how your body feels to move and on enhancing your interior kinesthetic (movement) awareness. We celebrate what each individual body can do, recognizing that not everyone will look the same or is built the same. We hold space for difference and emphasize the joy and sensation of moving.



Dancing is a process. Dance is more than something we can see. We know that dance also happens inside where it can’t be seen. Dance builds creativity. Focus. Determination. Curiosity. Confidence. We understand the importance of emphasizing the process-based nature of learning, the progress dancers achieve over time and effort, and leaving space for “yet.” When dancers possess solid self-efficacy—the belief in one’s ability to persevere and achieve a goal—they are better equipped to tackle difficult tasks and overcome challenges both in and out of the classroom. This is not accomplished through empty or vague praise, but through targeted, constructive feedback, purposeful reflection, and intentional effort. Many of our classes end with a growth-mindset affirmation, where we first ask dancers to consider what they did well that day, to acknowledge a specific accomplishment or success. We follow up by asking dancers to consider what they would like to continue to grow or improve on in the next class, leaving open the possibility for further achievement by intentionally focusing their effort.

No leotards, No limits!

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